Advanced Classes

Your Healing Journey

Your Healing Journey is a one-day, pop-up class. Each offering is modified to meet the specific requests and needs of that group; with focus on each individual’s, personal growth as a healer. Exercises are utilized to further develop your awareness, tracking and healing skills. It’s an opportunity for valuable one-on-one feedback while you work on horses. As well as learning in community: sharing the challenges, insights and successes of your classmates.

Prerequisite: Healing with Horses 



The Chakra Systems of the Human and Horse

Chakras2 10.13 10-22-13 09_58DSC_0100 copyLevel 1
In Level 1 we will explore the seven major chakras of the human body; including what each of these energy centers correlates to physically. You will learn to sense the locations of the chakras and to identify their movements. We will discuss the relationship of chakra function to personal health and the process of healing; and you’ll learn and practice exercises to open and balance your own chakra system. You’ll identify the major chakras of the horse and how to sense their locations. You will learn how to utilize a pendulum as an additional method to locate the chakras and to identify their directional …. Read More

Chakras2 cropped 262 copy Level 2
In Level 2 you’ll deepen your understanding of the seven major chakras of the human and horse; including what each of these energy centers correlates to emotionally and psychologically. We will further explore the relationships between the individual chakras function to our own personal health and the process of healing. We’ll discuss and interpret chakra readings of horses and learn how they correlate to health issues that are present in the horse. Participants will further develop their healing skills on …. Read More

Prerequisite: Healing with Horses


The Seven Stages of Healing the Horse

Your HJ crop lighten 0689A Seven-Class Series
Each horse is an individual. Like us, when mature, they’ve typically had several jobs, living situations and countless relationships with humans. Their state of health is influenced by their constitution, and reflects how their personal character has adapted to their unique experience of life. Hence, the healing process is different for every horse. Yet, there are parallels within the unfoldment of the healing journey that all horses share. In this class series, you’ll learn how to identify …. Read More

Prerequisite: Healing with Horses 


Interspecies Understanding and Healing

HwH VA 4.28.13_0567 500w When we truly listen, every species will speak to our heart and we can bridge the illusionary gap between us. This class is a wonderful opportunity to develop an intimate understanding of three equids: the horse, mule, donkey; and a variety of other smaller domestic species: how they each differ and what we all share in common. A healing relationship allows for the subtle differences in an animal that you have never comprehended before to be revealed. Even if we have read about that particular species, healing gives us knowledge born of hands-on experience, a deeper understanding. It’s like reading the book the animal itself wrote. …. Read More

Prerequisite: Healing with Horses



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