Mentoring Program

Mentoring for Healing with Horses Graduates

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During class, you’re excited about what you’ve learned. You understand how horses communicate. You’ve see how receptive they are to healing and remarkable results from the healings you’ve done. Even if you traveled a long distance to attend class, your learning doesn’t have to end. The deep connection and joy, that Healing with Horses brings, can continue!

As you’ve witnessed, the horses need and want our healing help. Homework* is given at class, to encourage you to practice, to apply what you’ve learned to the horses in your life. As you do, I’m available for continued support. Whether via phone or in-person, mentoring will help you carry your new-found confidence forward – and build upon it.

Mentoring Program

Phone Mentoring will help you take your learning further. Prior to our session, I’ll review the healing you’ve chosen to present, and any photos or videos you’ve included. During the mentoring session:

  • We discuss the photos you’ve taken of the horse, to confirm and increase your perception of health issues visually apparent within the confirmation, stance and appearance of the animal; and reflected in the equine energy field.
  • Together, we’ll revisit your experience of what transpires during your healing session. We’ll take it deeper, to reveal what was conveyed between you and the horse, spiritually.
  • We’ll discuss the healing process of the animal. We’ll look at barriers or distractions that came up for you, before or during the healing, and explore how the two are related.
  • Establish clarity of boundaries: what originates from you and what is the reality of the horse.
  • Uncover what is needed for your personal growth, so you can strengthen and increase you capacity to help the equine species.

To schedule a Phone Mentoring Session, please email me:


One-On-One Mentoring

If you live in the central or southern NJ, I’m available for mentoring at your location. If you live further, we can possibly meet at a location where I teach. This way, I can actively assist you as I do in class, with direct feedback and suggestions while you work on a horse.

One-On-One mentoring offers a concentrated focus on you and your learning. It effectively helps you understand how and what the horse is communicating, in the moment, to deepen your understanding and connection with them. One-On-One Mentoring will significantly increase your confidence in your healing skills – and your results.

We can work on a horse you have practiced healing on before, to help you take the teachings deeper and uncover any blocks you may be having to healing, or we can work with a horse that’s new to you. Either way, it’s a lot of fun.

To schedule a One-On One Mentoring Session, please email me:


*Healing Homework: If you’re a graduate of a class and would like a copy the corresponding healing homework, please email me: