Animal Healing Sessions

My 25 plus years of experience includes working with small animals:
if your dog or cat is in need of healing, please do not hesitate to contact me,
I would be truly grateful to serve.

Ginger Krantz Animal Healer with Greyhound and French Brittany Spaniel.


Can you help my animal if I live outside of New Jersey?

If you live outside southern New Jersey and the surrounding areas a phone session is the easiest way for me to provide healing services to you. Healing is not limited by time and space as we know it.  I do many long distance sessions with dogs, cats and horses, all with equally amazing of results. I also conduct phone sessions with clients that live within New Jersey during emergency situations.

Would you come to my home to help my small animal?

I am located in southern New Jersey and regularly travel within the central and southern New Jersey areas for in person healing sessions if you would like to meet in person or you have animal who is unable to travel to me.

What occurs during a healing session?

Phone sessions begin with a conversation between the animal caretaker and myself. We will review your Animal Intake Form and discuss any issues or new developments that you would like to share.  After our initial conversation ends, we will hang up and the healing on your animal will begin. I require that the owner is present with the animal during the session, being somewhere in the same house or apartment is fine.

Animals often lie down to sleep during the healing, often near or next to their owners. It is a opportunity for you, as well as your animal, to sit quietly and to enjoy the benefits of the healing energy. Sometimes the animal will get up and move around in response to the opening of energetic blocks in their body. This behavior is fine, too, for the animal knows exactly what is needed to allow the powerful energy to flow through and support their healing. After the session is done, I call the owner back and debrief them about what has transpired.

For in person sessions,  the process is the same with the added level of physical communication. When we are together physically, the animal will guide my hands to where they experience blocks in their energy flow and the corresponding pain in their body. I then touch these areas and encourage them to surrender to an energetic release.

Either session format  facilitates the release of stagnant energy, allowing energy to re-enter and flow through the body, once again. This results in a clear, balanced and more unified filed of energy throughout the entire body. This generates healing; it creates positive change within your pet: emotionally, mentally and physically. Results of the healing are lasting and include, abut are not limited to: improved digestion, a sweeter disposition, improvement in medical and blood test results, overcoming illness, reduction or removal of pain and improved mobility. You will have a happier, healthier companion.

Can you communicate with my animal during the session?

Communication with animals naturally occurs during the healing sessions. My intent is to assist the animal to heal and to enrich the relationship between the animal and their owner. Any communication I receive is in relation to the healing process and in support of the animal’s health. Often people have specific questions they would like me to ask of their animal. This is fine, I am happy to help in this way.

What happens after a session?

Healing energy continues to support the healing of animal even after the session is completed. You will see additional positive shifts for days, weeks, even months afterwards.  I remain available via email or phone after the session and encourage my clients to keep in touch with me about the progress of their animals.


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