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Cynthia and Finimondo

This story is about a dachshund who had surgery for a herniated cervical disc. He flat lined during surgery, so they had to end it early. Even though he survived, and the procedure was successful, the surgeon was not optimistic about his recovery. His owner contacted me four weeks after surgery, when Finimondo was in extreme pain at times and not doing well. The day after our session, she returned clinic for his second follow-up visit.

FINAL 1412 croppedI want to thank you so much for the help you’ve been to Finimondo during this stressful period. He amazed a TEAM of doctors yesterday at his vet visit. Not only did his surgeon and neurologist extoll the wonders of his recovery, but several other doctors from the clinic came in to witness his incredible progress. “He’s a different dog!”, they were all astonished. I honestly don’t think many believed he would recover and, even after our last visit, imagined that he would have some kind of nerve pain and need for medications indefinitely. But he was such a show-off–jumping up to greet everyone, shaking on cue, even submitting to getting his toe-nails clipped–that they agreed I could wean him off medications and even travel to Norway with him for our annual Christmas visit with my sister. The fact that he made it down to Torino and back on the bus (something I would not have imagined doing with him the week prior) is also remarkable. Thank you, he’s in good shape and I really appreciate your help in getting him that way.

Cynthia C.
Turin, Italy

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Christine and Bonsai

I began working with Ginger about three years ago with my horses with great results, so when my 9- month-old cat began having issues walking, I set up an appointment with her. I had taken Bonsai to see the veterinarian and he was diagnosed with a floating knee cap (luxating patella) in both hind legs. It turns out that luxating patella in cats is very rare, so I was of course very nervous about how this was going to affect Bonsai as he aged and grew. The prognosis taking a veterinarian route involved waiting until he was done growing, going to a specialist, expensive surgery, and a painful restrictive recovery. In the meantime I was forced to watch Bonsai try to walk and get around. He was unable to jump and could not run. Instead he hopped as he tried to play with our other kitten Travi. I knew Ginger would be able to help, at least to some degree, to make his life more comfortable and manageable until we could get his surgery.

On the day of our session via phone (all my appointments have been via the phone) I was at work while the cats had the run of the basement. Ginger had requested that I send the x-rays, a video of Bonsai walking, and a close up picture of his face before the appointment. During the initial phone conversation we talked about what the vet had said, how Bonsai was getting around, and other general information including that he had been a rescue that I adopted. Ginger then quickly got to work with the energy healing and called me back soon after. I was very surprised to hear that she had detected quite a bit of pain in Bonsai’s hips and it got me thinking back to a couple times that he had banged himself on the floor while playing with Travi. While the knee caps were creating an issue that his body was compensating for, he also was having issues with his hips. As we left the conversation, Ginger reminded me to keep an open mind, that the healing energy would take a little while to fully work through Bonsai, and to give her an update in 3-4 weeks.

I returned home after work that day a few hours later, opened the basement door, and out popped Bonsai and Travi. I was amazed at how much better he was walking than when I left for work that day. I immediately text Ginger to tell her the good news. The exact words I used were “it’s astonishing”. About three hours after that, he jumped up on the couch and was walking almost normal. It’s been almost three weeks since the session with Ginger and you cannot tell there is any defect. He’s walking, running, jumping, and playing like a normal 9-month-old kitten.

I’ve always believed in healing, energy, and that the world has amazements we’ve yet to realize. I was so lucky to find Ginger and the healing she’s brought. The world is a much better place with Ginger and her willingness to share her abilities and knowledge.

Christine K.
Union City, Pennsylvania


Domestic Long Haired cat smelling yellow Begonia flowers.

Allie smelling yellow Begonia flowers.

Nancy and Allie

I sought Ginger out for help with my cat Allie (then 17 years old) in March of 2013. Allie was critically ill with a kidney infection, which the vet shared was difficult to treat in any cat, much less a cat of her age.  Her health was rapidly declining, with her being unable/unwilling to eat or drink much at all. She was hospitalized but not responding to the IV antibiotics she was being given. The vet wasn’t sure she was going to survive the night.

Ginger worked with Allie, providing a distance healing, on the evening of that day. The results were truly amazing. Ginger was able to provide me with insight on what was happening with Allie. She was able to confirm the problem with her kidneys, as well as the very critical nature of her illness. She shared insights regarding Allie’s fear of our dog and how that had resulted in Allie isolating herself to the upstairs of our house since the dog joined the family years before. At the end of the healing, it was still unclear whether Allie would choose to stay with us or move on, but I was comforted by the knowledge that she now understood that she had a choice.

Following the session, Allie’s health improved dramatically. The vet called the next morning sharing that she was doing much better. They had repeated her blood work and her kidney levels, which previously had been off indicating the kidney infection,  had returned to normal. She began eating and drinking once again and was able to return home later that same day.

Once home, Allie continued to regain her strength and was able to move around the house. Immediately following her return home, she began coming downstairs regularly.  She no longer appeared afraid of the dog. This has continued to be the case, with her now being a regular visitor downstairs.

As an elderly cat, Allie continues to have ongoing health issues, though not as critical in nature as her kidney infection. Ginger has continued to assist us, helping to identify what Allie is struggling with and making suggestions for what might assist her. I am so grateful for her assistance and for the continued time we are able to share with Allie. I am quite certain that had it not been for Ginger’s healing work, Allie would not have survived the kidney infection. I would not hesitate to seek out her assistance again and would recommend her to others without hesitation.

Nancy D.
Delanson, New York


Joy and Fuzzy

Ginger is a great animal healer, who saved my little bear, Fuzzy, who was suffering from Lyme’s disease. Fuzzy is a Bichon Frise and he did not respond to the antibiotics for the disease. After two sessions with Ginger, Fuzzy went from lying in a heap and not eating to running with me up to two miles and then doing a fast walk. He also is enjoying his “Toto” basket on my bike again. It is such a pleasure to see people on the trail light up when they see him happy and healthy. She’s incredible, I highly recommend her!

Joy A., Troy, NY



Melina and Julius

Julius showed up in my backyard in early spring 2014. He was skinny, matted, had a damaged eye and was covered in ticks. He was a classic feral – completely without trust, fearful, self-protective and very anti-social. It took me six weeks to get him into a carrier and to the vet’s office. When I brought him home, he was aggressive, frequently lashed out at me with claws and teeth and would not allow me to touch him.

I contacted Ginger to do energy healing work with him.Orange and white feral cat was transformed from extreme fear and aggression to loving cat and full integration into household with four domesticated cats in four sessions with animal healer Ginger Krantz.We celebrated several mini breakthroughs during the course of the four sessions she worked with him. One of the first was a noticeable shift in his personality that showed a more playful side of him. The day he started “attacking” his toys and actually playing with them like a typical cat was the day I realized that he was on the path to recovery, thanks entirely to Ginger’s ability to connect with him, hear him, communicate with him and help him heal.

After being in my care for seven months and with Ginger’s brilliant gift, Julius is now integrated with my four other cats. He has developed trust, loves to be petted, and loves to sleep on the sofa next to me. I have Ginger to thank for bringing him back to life.

Melina, I.
Amsterdam, New York


Lori and Finnigan

A year and a half ago my husband and I rescued a kitten who was very close to death. Because he had so many physical and emotional problems, we decided to hire Ginger Krantz, who came highly recommended, to provide healing sessions for our kitten by distance. Although my scientist husband was a bit skeptical about distance healings, he was sold when he noticed the positive changes in Finnigan. His health improved dramatically and he went from a skittish kitten that was pretty much afraid of everything, to a stocky little creature full of attitude who pretty much owned the house and the yard. We have since hired Ginger to work with our other three cats and have noticed positive results in all. We now consider healing sessions with Ginger for our animals just as much a part of their health maintenance as trips to the vet.

Lori S.
Blacksburg, Virginia


Laura and Tator Tot (TeeTee)

I can’t say enough about Ginger and the beautiful, heartfelt work that she does. My little Tator Tot was diagnosed with a thickening of her mitral valve in May of 2012. I consulted Ginger in addition to working closely with TeeTee’s cardiologist. Between both practitioners and very close scrutiny by me, we all helped Tee come to a wonderful happy, healthy plateau where she clearly feels good, is energetically ‘herself’ and is taking minimal medications to assist her heart function.

Ginger’s work is compassionate, pinpoint, and very loving. In doing the delicate work called for on Tee’s heart, she was called to mediate a beautiful healing meeting between Tee and Harry, a Rottie who Tee had a terrifying encounter with when she was 2 yrs old. Forgiveness resulted from their meeting and in the next session, Tee released a heart wound– the trauma she had held onto since her encounter with Harry. After that release, and over the next several weeks, Tee integrated the healing work beautifully. Her energy level evened out, her heart function stabilized, her demeanor became her typical playful, good humored self…she was ‘back’.

In total, she had three sessions with Ginger. The first two happened with two weeks of each other. In these two sessions, Ginger was able to help Tee’s heart function by clearing energetic blocks, and she allowed Tee to ‘show’ her where Tee needed help releasing blocked energy in other parts of her body (all related to the encounter with Harry). There was a ‘disconnect’ between TeeTee’s hindquarters and her front half, and I noticed that Tee had become hesitant going down sets of steps. After Ginger worked to bring unity to Tee’s body, I noticed that Tee had no more trouble on steps.

TeeTee turned 14 yrs old the week of her third session with Ginger and that’s the week that the most comments came in about how happy and active and vibrant Tee was acting. I could not be more thrilled. I think of Ginger as one of Tee’s health care practitioners and plan to have at least two wellness check-in sessions a year- probably in fall and spring since changes of season seem key to shifts of energy in us all.

The healing sessions that Ginger provided to Tator were as healing for me as for Tee. I didn’t expect that, but I see how much sense it makes. For anyone who also feels so close to their pets and who loves them so much, we know that they are our friends, our teachers, our angels, and there is a bond with them that is unlike any other. It is a blessing to have such deep and ‘core’ health care available for these blessed friends. The messages I received from Tee, through Ginger, helped me feel calmer and more settled with my little geriatric pup. Thank you Ginger, for doing this work. We are grateful! Love, Laura and Tator Tot.

Laura I.
Schenectady , New York


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