Upcoming Classes

These two foundational classes are being offered back to back this spring to accommodate the increasing number of people who are flying and traveling long distance to attend the workshops.

Spring 2017 Classes:
Healing with Horses

DSC_0980 W488 crpooed copyMarch 25-26, 2017; Moorestown, New Jersey  Register  
If you are new to the Earth Horse Healing school and desire a deeper bond with horses, to become an equine healer or to learn how animals communicate – your journey begins here. The Healing with Horses workshop gives you the foundation – both an understanding and the application of healing skills to horses. The class sizes are small so you can receive the support and feedback you need to gain confidence in the material and your personal experience of it. It is an invaluable course; the prerequisite and the foundation for the all other classes in equine and animal healing. It’s a hands-on class and the results you see in the horses will amaze you. Read More

Prerequisite: None 


Equine Communication and Healing

Chakras1 Crop 560wMarch 27-28, 2017; Moorestown, New Jersey  Register  
Spirit is attempting to communicate with us all the time. In this class you’ll experience open communication with the horse and gain an awareness of them that extends beyond basic, physical observations. We’ll explore how spirit speaks to us in the forms of signs, symbols, visions, feelings and emotions. You will discover how invaluable listening to the subtle language of spirit is; how your perception of these communications contributes to a holistic understanding of the horse. You will come to realize this language is a doorway that opens a clear, continual dialogue between the horse and you ….  Read More

Prerequisite: Healing with Horses


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