Equine Healing FAQ

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Energy healing is equally effective at a distance
as when a healer is present and touching the horse.
Touch is energy; therefore, it’s effective beyond the physical.

Each of us knows this, for we’ve experienced being touched by another person’s supportive words or by the rumbling nicker of a familiar horse. We have felt our hearts opened by the news of hope for a difficult situation or through witnessing kindness to an animal or person in need. We have all become deeply touched, breathless and awe inspired upon a vision of great natural beauty, such as a horse freely expressing itself through powerful movements unified with grace.

Scientific experimentation has also revealed this miraculous truth, that even a single thought can influence and transform the outcome of an event. Physical Science states that this occurs outside of the time-space continuum. As our human understanding of reality expands, so do our opportunities to heal.

Can you help my horse if I live outside of New Jersey?

If you and your horse live outside southern New Jersey and the surrounding areas a phone session is the easiest way for me to provide healing services to you. Healing is not limited by time and space as we know it.  I do many long-distance sessions with horses, people and small animals, all with equally amazing of results. I also have distance sessions with clients within New Jersey for emergency situations.

Can you come in person to help my horse?

I am located in southern New Jersey and regularly travel within the central and southern New Jersey areas. I’m willing to travel further in order to meet with you and your horse in person. Please contact me with and we can discuss how to make it happen.

What occurs during a healing session?

Horses respond positively to healing energy and participate in the healing process. They guide me to where they experience blocks in their energy flow and corresponding pain in their body. They do this by pointing to areas on their body with their nose and by looking directly at areas they want assistance with. I touch these areas and encourage them to move into them; to surrender to an energetic release. Letting go of these blocks allows energy to re-enter and flow through the area once again. This results in healing; it alleviates pain and allows for positive changes to occur within the horse: physiologically, emotionally, mentally and physically. Changes include and are not limited to: improved digestion, a sweeter disposition, a more willing partner, better balance and increased mobility.

After the healing we can review your horses feed, forage and supplements. I’ll share suggestions, physical solutions to further address the issues at hand. I’m available via email or phone after the session and encourage my clients to keep in touch with me about the progress of their animals.

What’s the difference between an in-person or phone healing session?

In-person sessions start with observation of your animal’s confirmation, behavior and movement. We review the areas of concern brought forth in your Equine Intake Form, plus anything else that comes up. While I work I’ll ask you questions, in relation to what I’m finding, and share what I’m discovering about your horse.

Phone sessions begin with a conversation via phone or Skype. We’ll review your Equine Intake Form and the recent photos or videos you’ve emailed to me. We’ll discuss existing issues in depth and any new developments you’d like to share. After our initial conversation, we will hang up and the healing will begin. During distance sessions, physical dialogue with the horse is replaced by two-way communication conveyed through spirit. The owner can be present with their equine during the session to observe if they choose. I request that the horse is not eating and doesn’t have forage available during the session, so they can surrender to the healing. They can be in a stall or outdoors. However, I suggest they be free to move after the session, either in a paddock or turn out. After the healing, I’ll call you back, describe what transpired and answer your questions.

Will my horse communicate with you during the session?

Communication with horses naturally occurs during the healing sessions. My intent is to assist the horse to heal and to enrich the relationship between the horse and their owner. Any communication I receive is in relation to the healing process and in support of everyone involved.

What if my horse says something about me I do not want to hear?

Many people have expressed concern to me that their horse will express something negative about them during a healing session. This fear is unfounded, for I have never had an animal express anything but love and gratitude towards their owner. Horses are, by nature, loving. They’re also aware of their dependency upon humans for their safety and survival. Hence, they are grateful to their owners for their love, their care and their companionship.

Do horses enjoy the healing sessions?

Yes, even though the horse can experience discomfort at certain points, they always express deep gratitude for the healing. They express love and appreciation toward their owner for caring about their health and well-being and for giving them the gift of healing.

How many sessions will my horse need?

Every session has a powerful effect on the horse, and each session builds upon the transformation the horse has gone through as a result of the previous one. Consecutive sessions build confidence in the horse. They grow more comfortable in their body. As they gain an understanding of the healing process unfolds; their trust increases. They begin to participate in the sessions consciously. By the third or fourth session horses arrives at a pivotal point where  will choose to face and release significant life trauma – with ease. Seven sessions inevitably will bring forth a transformation in your horse that reaches all the way to the core. Change so deep that people will say she looks like a completely different horse; that he appears ten years younger. To some that know them, they may even seem almost unrecognizable.

Then again, I’ve experienced horses willing to face traumatic events in the first or second session. Each horse is unique, as is their history, character and personality.

How long should I wait between sessions?

Healing energy continues to support the healing of the horse even after the session is completed. You will see additional positive shifts for days, weeks, even months afterwards. My experience has been that after three to four weeks the horse is ready and looking forward to another session. If your horse has a serious or acute condition it may be beneficial to schedule a session sooner.

Do you have a question about my equine healing sessions
that has not been answered here?

If so, please contact me and I will be happy to respond.

Long Distance and In Person Session Descriptions and Appointments