Presentation on Equine Healing

Healing the Horse Through the Integration of Mind, Body and Spirit

Ginger Krantz, equine healing practitioner and teacher, speaks about the effective application of energy healing to horses. She presents case studies with before and after photos that exemplify how this powerful form of therapy has allowed horses to overcome: Navicular syndrome, chronic pain, structural misalignments, Lyme disease and compromised immunity.

Ginger speaks to why energy healing is effective for not only physical conditions in horses, but behavioral and mental issues, as well. How it extends beyond the physical and touches the spirit of the horse to heal issues such as: resistance to training, aversion to touch, fear and depression.

Ginger shares stories how she has been able to lead horses out from beneath the shadows of a traumatic past to trust and enjoy life, once again.


If you would like to schedule this presentation for your local club or organization, please email or call me. Thanks.