Healing for You FAQ

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How does energy healing help?

The healing facilitates the release of energetically held areas that are blocking the natural flow of energy. This allows the life force to re-enter and flow through these stagnant areas of the body, once again. The results are a clear, balanced and unified field of energy throughout all your bodily systems. This generates healing; creates positive changes within you. You’ll experience a greater sense of peace and well-being, as well as improvement in physical conditions and disease. Results of the healing can include, but are not limited to: reduction in inflammation; greater sense of well-being, less stress, anxiety and fear; faster healing of wounds, quicker recovery from surgery, reduction in pain and improved mobility.

What occurs during a healing session?

A session begins with a conversation via phone or Skype. You’ll call me at our appointed time. We’ll review your Intake Form; any recent photos you’ve sent me you feel are relevant and discuss and issues or new developments you’d like to share. After our initial conversation ends, we will hang up and the healing will begin. It’s best if you lay down during the session, to let go and allow the healing energy to move through you. It’s okay if you fall asleep, this simply allows for a deep surrender. After the healing,I’ll callyou back,describe what transpired and answer your questions.

What happens after the session?

The healing energy continues to support your healing process even after the session is completed. You’ll see additional positive shifts for days, even weeks afterwards. I remain available via email or phone after the session and encourage my clients to keep in touch with me about their progress.

When should I schedule another session?

Typically, three to four weeks after the session, the energy will be integrated, and you’ll be ready for another session. If you have an acute injury or life-threatening illness, I may recommend a follow-up session sooner.

What is your privacy policy?

Everything we discuss, and any personal information you share with me; before, during or after the session is considered confidential.


Do you have a question about a healing session that has not been answered here?

If so, please contact me and I will be happy to respond.

For more information, please visit the Healing for You page.
For intake forms and please is it the Appointments page.