Equine Testimonials

Veronica and Wanda

My senior mare Wanda was having some issues, whose core was arthritis. She was in pain and could not even sleep properly; she was exhausted. I followed vet’s orders to manage the arthritis but I wanted to address my mare’s energy field too, in order to help her.

I found Ginger’s page online and was happy to see the positive reviews, so I contacted her. I am located in Italy: she worked from a distance and we had Skype calls. I was very happy about the results. My mare was improving, she was more relaxed and calmer even after only one session. She no longer stands with her hind legs way underneath her,  nor shifts the weight from one front leg to the other. She’s also able to lay down now and sleep. After a while, she suffered from impaction colic. I performed some massage techniques and acupressure, and wrote Ginger for assistance. It was at the weekend, but she was ready to help right away! As soon as the session was over my mare produced some manure. I was so relieved! I felt it would be better to have another session on the next day and Ginger squeezed us in even though it was a Sunday and she had previous commitments. Wanda was much better after the sessions and the vet found her in good health when she came after a couple of days. I am very grateful we started this path and am looking forward to seeing my mare improve even more.

Veronica C.

Susan and Zorillo

The sessions Susan writes about were all via distance. I had this chance to work on Zorillo in-person during a worksop Susan hosted at her farm, the following month.

The sessions Susan writes about were all via distance. I had this chance to work on Zorillo in-person during a worksop Susan hosted at her farm, the following month.

I wanted to send to you my thanks for your help with Zorrillo during his recent surgery and recuperation. Zorrillo’s surgery for squamous cell cancer in the cornea of his right eye went well. The vet was very happy with how he came out from anesthesia – he got up with one effort and was steady on his feet. When we went back to his stall and got to spend time with him, I found him to be distant and shut down. He didn’t really respond to us at all. I called, and you began a treatment on him. I stood outside his stall and for about an hour; he was quiet while you worked on him. Suddenly, when you were done, he looked at me and nickered, he walked toward me and then began whinnying to all the horses in the barn. He was himself again. His immediate post-surgery recovery went well and they were very happy with him.  

We went home and began his treatment of 4x/day medicine in his eye.  In the second or third week, post-surgery he began to have some tearing and “goop” in the corner of his eye. The vet saw a tiny white spot in the area that was operated on. She was concerned that he might have an abscess forming. She started him on oral antibiotics (which we had a great deal of trouble getting him to take with his food.) She noted that his cornea was almost completely healed. I called you and you did another treatment on him. When she came back the following week he was completely healed.  The white spot was gone and his cornea was also completely healed. 

I believe your treatments helped him recuperate from his surgery and supported him through his 5-hour ride back home and then helped him fight off the potential abscess. Thank you

Susan M.
Fort Valley, VA

Susan and Belle

z-9-26-16-138-color-adj-cropBelle is a 17-year-old QH mare. She is sensitive to bug bites. One morning I went out to check on our horses and found her covered in hives. She had hives on her face, nose, neck, abdomen and inner thighs. She had tension in her face; her eyes and mouth were tight. She seemed depressed. She was obviously not feeling well. We live in a rural part of Virginia. Our vet is an hour away at best – that day she had a previous emergency and would not arrive until nearly noon.

I have taken classes with Ginger and she has worked on all of my horses. I called her to ask her to help Belle feel better. Ginger took a history of recent events and then worked on Belle from a distance. Belle began to relax and seem more comfortable. Much of the tension left her face and she was more responsive.

The vet arrived and gave her IV steroids and left me with more steroids in powder form to use over the next few days. The next day the vet returned for a regularly scheduled visit and asked, “How is Belle?”

Belle had lost all signs of her hives. She was bright eyed and no swelling anywhere on her body. I said, “She is fine. You can’t tell she had them at all!”  The look on her face was priceless.

“No way!”  she said, “I expected you to say they were half gone!!”

My vet was quite impressed by Belle’s dramatic recovery. So am I; and I know that without Ginger, Belle would not have recovered as quickly.

Susan M.
Fort Valley, VA


Tina and Rocky8 Rocky - 51 Headshot FINAL LR2

Seeing is believing!!!!!!!!
I went to a presentation that Ginger was giving only to have the day out with good friends. I really did not believe that someone could place their hands on a horse and help them. I must have been the biggest skeptic in the room that day. I respectfully sat and listened, and listened some more. Several people spoke about how Ginger had helped their horses. So I listened a bit more openly to what everyone had to say, still not really believing that hands on healing could possibly help my horse. When I got home I called my trainer and asked Diane if she believed in this. Diane had seen horses that Ginger had helped and thought that she may be able to help Rocky. Diane suggested that I try it and see.

Rocky is very sensitive and tends to lose his mind for short periods of time. Ginger put her hands on him and he immediately relaxed. In his first session he let go so deeply that he actually fell asleep. After our first session he became much calmer and attentive to what was being asked of him. Rocky also has a difficult time getting up after rolling. It would take him two or three tries rocking to get up. Now, after several sessions he often gets up on the first try. Rocky is much more peaceful. He carries his head in a more relaxed way. He no longer stands with his head and neck at alert all the time. Overall he moves and carries himself in a relaxed manner. His body must feel so much better.
Unbelievable????? Yes, but SEEING IS BELIEVING!!!!!!

Tina S.
Egg Harbor Township, NJ


Reggie&Karen 548 crop copyKaren and Reggie

My older thoroughbred gelding Reggie has been dealing with arthritis issues for some time. Reggie is an ex-racehorse and has had an extensive show jumping career in his past prior to me owning him.  I was doing several things to support him such as body work, herbal supplements, and even acupuncture. I felt that this just was not enough. A friend of mine referred me to Ginger and explained her work and how she had helped her horse. During our first session Reggie immediately took to Ginger and I knew this would help him. Even after the first session I noticed great improvement in his body as well as his demeanor. He looked relieved and not so worried all the time. He even started becoming more playful and running around the pasture.  After several sessions we compared photos and the transformation was so amazing. He looks so much younger, his coat is shiny and his topline so much improved.  We are even able now to go for some trail walks.

Through Ginger I have not only learned the benefits of her healing, but I also have learned the art of listening to my horse and not to ignore his subtle messages he is giving to me. Our relationship has improved, and our bond is even now stronger. I am so thankful and will be forever grateful to her and her work.

Karen K.
Middletown, NJ


Nancy and Lily

Lily & Nancy '15 1818 crop 400w

I own a mare that developed severe mistrust and fear issues. After two unsuccessful trainers I knew I had to take a different route. My mare, Lily, had learned to buck out of fear. She would literally shake from fear. She was tense and anxious most of the time. She did not trust people, especially those she did not know. I surmised that at one point she was abused and conventional training methods were not working – they were making her worse. She became resistant to being bridled and would turn her head in avoidance. After her final session with the last trainer Lily was gone, she withdrew into herself and shut down.

It was February of 2015 when I went to Ginger’s presentation on equine healing and decided to take her Healing with Horses workshop to gain a better understanding. There I scheduled Lily’s first appointment with Ginger. At the time of Lily’s first session, April of 2015, she was fearful, anxious and put up a wall of avoidance. Ginger worked on calming Lily as the distractions of other horses, a new person and any movement behind made her anxious, almost explosive. By the end there was a remarkable change in Lily’s attitude. Her anxiety level dropped, she accepted Ginger’s work and was able to release her tension.

Her second session, one month later, she was less anxious and settled into Ginger’s work almost immediately. Ginger helped Lily and I with the bridle. It was after this visit that I noticed a change in Lily all around. She became even less fearful; I began to feel more of a connection with her. She started to look to me for assurance, not the herd; she began to trust me. I was able to bridle her without hesitation and she dropped her head to accept the bit.

By her third session there were noticeable differences in her, both physically and mentally. She began to carry herself with confidence and became less reactive to outside stimuli. This is when our connection began to really solidify, she started to show complete trust in me.

In these few months Lily has made drastic improvements. She carries herself with confidence. She has learned how to calmly release her tension. Her confirmation has improved as she is more relaxed. She has become accepting and trusting of people – seeking them out for attention. In just this short amount of time, Lily has gone from being extremely reactive and explosive, to calm and accepting. She no longer tunes out and withdraws into herself, but deals with the issue that she is unsure of.  She has made great steps in being ridden and is no longer anxious. On her last ride a deer with a fawn came out of the woods, and a cat jumped in front of her- no reaction. Previously she would have exploded.

Ginger has helped my mare tremendously – both physically and mentally. In helping Lily, she has also helped me. I feel more grounded and I’ve learned how to let go of the negative aspects of Lily’s past. In healing the body, you also heal the mind, they go hand in hand. I fully believe that if not for Ginger I would not have been able to break down that wall my mare put up. We would not have made such great strides, especially in such a short amount of time. I whole heartedly recommend Ginger and equine healing for both physiological and psychological issues you and your horse may have. Having Ginger work with my mare has been the best decision I have made for her.

Nancy B.
Marlton, NJ


Christine and Tyler

In April of 2014, I adopted Tyler and began to do everything in my power to give him the best retired life I could. He came from a therapeutic riding center where he was wonderfully cared for, but his life prior to that had been a difficult one. I don’t know much from his previous life in the hunter/jumper circuit, but from what I have been able to piece together and from what I know about his demeanor and willingness to please, I think he was pushed too far and forced to do things beyond what his body could handle. As a result, he was suffering from arthritis and just walking around in his field was painful. He had trouble turning and backing up was excruciating. His body was tired and it was beginning to show. He was starting to lose muscle tone and mass and while he was always so sweet and gentle to be around and always offered all he had, I knew that he was never going to be truly happy until he was comfortable.

Then Ginger came into our lives and the difference in Tyler, both physically and emotionally is positively breathtaking. In just a few sessions, he was carrying himself completely differently and as a result, his body has drastically changed. His muscle tone is back, he has filled out in all the right places, his strides are longer and more fluid and he no longer walks as though he’s stepping on egg shells. He is able to have those bursts of running and bucking with his herd and not be sore for 3 days after. He rolls from one side to the other, several times, and is able to get up with ease. He literally looks 10 years younger. Emotionally, he is more open, more trusting and more at peace. He is truly happy and I cannot convey the joy that it gives me to see him like this and the immense gratitude to Ginger for helping him.

Christine R.
Howell, NJ


Rindy&Cisco 4-15-27 crop400pxRindy and Cisco

I was referred to Ginger when my horse Cisco was in an acute stage of pain from navicular changes and pain from a trailer incident. Cisco, who is usually a calm, happy, and level headed horse was snaking his neck around to bite me his trusted friend, and any individual that approached him. He was also would bite himself. He was in so much visible pain that my heart was heavy; I needed to find help for this animal.

The first time Ginger came to work on Cisco he tried to bite her, me – anything near his mouth. She worked on him for about 45 minutes and he became noticeably happier and more comfortable as a result. Ginger came for a second and third visit, and each time Cisco responded tremendously well. He got better each time. I remember the third and last time Ginger came to visit. She had been helping him to release at the poll all of her visits, but this particular time he was able to fully release in that particular spot. Cisco was so relieved that he wrapped his neck around Ginger to say thanks, and licked and chewed and licked and chewed for a long time!

Today Cisco is happier than he has ever been. He is comfortable and happy in his body, mind and spirit. Cisco is my best friend, and I am so thankful for Ginger coming into our lives, and helping us. Thank you Ginger!

Rindy F.
Egg Harbor Township, NJ

Debra and Parker:  Debra and Parker

Ginger Krantz has been working with my horse, Yellow Brick Road (Parker), from April, 2012 to the present. Her work with him has been transformational.

After years of success in the hunter circuit, it was time for a change for him, and I was ready to begin something new, also. The work that Ginger has done with Parker has assisted him in many ways from improved confirmation and comfort in moving forward to increased ability to relax and demonstrate less anxiety and fear. Although accomplished in the hunter ring, Parker has a new, deeper level of confidence in his well being thanks to Ginger’s healing. This confidence translates into a more secure ability to perform new tasks we undertake.

As a team, he and I have transitioned into a more natural type of horsemanship (barefoot and bridle-less) and Ginger has eased this transition by continually addressing any number of discomforts as they present (joint, digestion, hoof, fearfulness, etc.). She has established a rapport and communication with Parker that results in accurate diagnosis of any current issue and easily facilitates a healing that is instant and visible. Ginger routinely takes a photo at the start of each healing session as well as at the end of the session. Not only are the shifts identifiable right then, the progress is maintained and evident at the next visit with the “after” photo from the prior session matching the “before” photo in the new session.

My partnership with my horse has been remarkably furthered by the healing Ginger has provided. She is a treasured resource and Parker’s life is greatly enhanced through her healing talents.

Debra F.
Columbus, NJ

Susan and Kole

Thoroughbred gelding yawning widely to release deep tension after energy healing.

Kole releasing deep tension after a healing.

Last fall our TB gelding Kole had a serious case of laminitis. He was in pain with much inflammation for at least a month. In addition to the laminitis he developed an abscess in his right front hoof.

The vet took x-rays to check his rotation, exactly where the abscess was and its size.  While the abscess was not huge, it was moving towards his coffin bone. There were minute changes in the border of the coffin bone that indicated the abscess was beginning to affect it; an infection in the coffin bone would mean that we would have to put him down.

I had been having that terrible thought, because of the pain he was in and how long it had been going on with seemingly no end in sight. The vet and I discussed how to make him feel better through the holiday, in the hope we would not have to put him down during Thanksgiving.

I called Ginger and told her the situation.  She had treated Kole previously in person and helped him with a number of other issues he has, including arthritis and neurological weakness from EPM. Now she was working on him long-distance.  As I was doing chores around the barn I could see Kole responding to Ginger’s work – even at a distance!

In the days after Ginger’s work Kole steadily became more comfortable. The next time the vet came to check on him again, she noticed his improvement immediately.  We were able to take him off of the bute in a day or two and both his laminitis and abscess resolved. I credit Ginger with the turn around of Kole’s illness. I know the vet’s care was also instrumental in his healing, but at that critical time the only thing that helped was the energy healing.

Susan M.
Fort Valley, VA


Toni and Dusty

Dusty is a charming appaloosa/Arabian gelding that came into my life unexpectedly. After getting to know him it became quite clear that his “past life” (pre me) had been quite traumatic. He was terrified of being bridled, was anxious while being ridden, and had an overall distrust for humans. Along with emotional baggage, he suffered from navicular syndrome, and angular deformities of the front limbs.

I began the journey of healing with Dusty, and soon learned that it was a cooperative effort. A year or two into this healing walk, I met Ginger. She helped Dusty sort though his fear, and I noticed an immediate change in his disposition. Not only did Ginger address his mental and emotional needs, but she was able to make changes to the alignment of his legs almost before our eyes.

One of the many teachings I have gained from Ginger is that our equines are co-facilitators in our own healing, and that occurs in union. What the animal is going through is always related to what is happening with its person. Ginger has lent me support in many areas in addition to her hands-on healing work. She has worked on me personally, and has a wealth of information on both horse and human: nutrition, lifestyle needs, and spiritual pursuits. I am grateful to have Ginger as a resource within my community, and I look forward to our walk together as healers and friends.

Toni T.
Woodbine, NJ


Kate and Dora

Dora and I met Ginger when we moved to a new barn family in 2009. Dora was a rescue and she had learned to be very aggressive with other horses to make sure she got her share of food and attention. She had been wounded and was not trusting of people or horses. In effect, Dora had forgotten how good it is to live as a horse!

Ginger gave Dora several treatments and they have made a real difference in Dora’s ability to trust others. Dora was very head-shy and Ginger helped her become able to let humans get close to her head and to express affection. We are lucky to have met Ginger and recommend her to anyone who has a horse they love who is experiencing emotional difficulties.

Kate L.
Egg Harbor City, NJ


Equine healing testimonial: American Qaurter horse with abscess, high temperature and labored breathing.

Carrie Christiansen, on Gomer, ponying Charlie.

Char and Charlie

I knew that something had taken place when I returned home and saw my horse peacefully grazing in the front pasture. That morning I had called and asked Ginger to help my rescued horse, HP Charlie, deal with his pain and distress. He was jerking his left front leg up in obvious pain from a possible abscess.

This was not the first time that Ginger had been helpful to him. HP is only five years old but had been scheduled to be put down due to serious hoof problems and other complications. Ginger was able to dramatically help him, physically and emotionally, through a painful episode with high temperatures and very labored breathing. He has been steadily improving since that time. Ginger has become one of his favorite people, too.

It is from firsthand experience and an open heart that I recommend Ginger as someone who can walk with you on the path toward healing.

Char J.
Tabernacle, NJ


Healing horses testimonial: healing chronic pain and tension.

Karen and Beau

My older Anglo Arab gelding had been coping with a long term hind end injury that had left him with chronic pain and tension. As the result of a series of healings by Ginger, Beau’s hind end has released, along with the chronic tension he held throughout his body. His abdomen, which previously was tucked up like a racehorse, is round and relaxed now and he is much more willing to weight the heels in his hind feet.

Ginger has greatly reduced Beau’s pain resulting in a happier and more relaxed horse. He is much more willing to move and wants to gallop on home at the end of our trail walks, a gait he wasn’t able to do for several years. We have even been able to go on a couple of hunter paces together and while becoming sore afterwards, with Ginger’s healing Beau was right back to feeling good once again.

Karen C.
Pamona, NJ


ChrisEquine healing testimonial: Standardbred with hock pain and, jumpy and nervous.tine and Chance

Hanover Flight Plan “Chance” is a beautiful Standardbred who won approximately 6 races. He was gelded and put into the Standardbred Retirement Foundation. When I adopted Chance from the SRF he was high spirited, extremely jumpy and nervous at every sound and sight. He was afraid of the wind in the trees and of geese in the field adjacent to his. You could say that he was not at all familiar with the outside world and that he knew only the confines of the track.

Ginger began her healing work with Chance and even after the first session there was a difference in him. Ginger worked on him approximately 5 times and Chance is now a lot more into being a horse; he doesn’t jump at the wind, he is totally tolerant of other animals around his area and he is so much calmer.

Chance also had an extreme concentration of fluid in his hocks. Ginger centered healing in his hock joints and his hocks are a lot more comfortable for him now. I truly believe that without Ginger’s hands-on-healing, Chance would not have been able to become the loving, gentle horse that he is today.

Christine N.
Galloway, NJ

Equine healing testimonial: rescue horse with EPM, depression and unstabile on her legs.

South Jersey Horse Rescue: Miss Kate

Miss Kate was rescued from a kill broker pen in February 2010. Kate is a 19 year old Thoroughbred; a former broodmare and racehorse. She arrived at our farm about 500 pounds underweight and covered with lice and open sores. We soon discovered that she had EPM, a deadly equine neurological disease.

We were able to kill the lice, heal the sores and gradually increase Kate’s feed. She was given Marquis, a medication for EPM. The seizures slowed down, Kate gained weight, but she continued to be unstable on her legs and would frequently fall down.

A friend of ours suggested that Ginger could help her. Ginger visited with Kate, and told us that Kate was in tremendous pain and that Kate was not sure she wanted to continue to live. After Ginger’s therapy session, we saw an immediate improvement in her. Kate was more stable on her legs; she walked better and moved around more. Kate was happier and she became more social with the other horses. She was able to pick up her right hind leg for the first time in months. The natural hoof trimmer could trim all four of her feet during one visit for the first time ever.

As months went past, Kate started to trot, whinny for food, and ask to be brushed. Recently she started rolling and was even caught grooming a pony! She cantered yesterday just for the joy of it.

Ellen S.
South Jersey Horse Rescue

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