Christine and Tyler

In April of 2014, I adopted Tyler and began to do everything in my power to give him the best retired life I could. He came from a therapeutic riding center where he was wonderfully cared for, but his life prior to that had been a difficult one. I don’t know much from his previous life in the hunter/jumper circuit, but from what I have been able to piece together and from what I know about his demeanor and willingness to please, I think he was pushed too far and forced to do things beyond what his body could handle. As a result, he was suffering from arthritis and just walking around in his field was painful. He had trouble turning and backing up was excruciating. His body was tired and it was beginning to show. He was starting to lose muscle tone and mass and while he was always so sweet and gentle to be around and always offered all he had, I knew that he was never going to be truly happy until he was comfortable.

Then Ginger came into our lives and the difference in Tyler, both physically and emotionally is positively breathtaking. In just a few sessions, he was carrying himself completely differently and as a result, his body has drastically changed. His muscle tone is back, he has filled out in all the right places, his strides are longer and more fluid and he no longer walks as though he’s stepping on egg shells. He is able to have those bursts of running and bucking with his herd and not be sore for 3 days after. He rolls from one side to the other, several times, and is able to get up with ease. He literally looks 10 years younger. Emotionally, he is more open, more trusting and more at peace. He is truly happy and I cannot convey the joy that it gives me to see him like this and the immense gratitude to Ginger for helping him.

Christine R.
Howell, NJ

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