Energy Healing for Horses: Results

Energy healing has a powerful, positive influence on overall health and inevitably creates a happier, healthier, more loving and affectionate horse.

Energy healing helps to relieve a variety of conditions in the horse: from behavioral, such as fear and mistrust; to physical ones, including chronic tension and pain.

Energy healing is truly a holistic approach; it not only addresses the physical body of the horse, it embraces their spiritual, emotional and mental health states as well.

Energy healing is a pure, non-invasive therapy; horses, who are animals of prey, both appreciate it and are deeply receptive to it.

Because of this non-invasive quality, healing energy can offer hope for all horses, even those who are unable to tolerate being touched.

Horses Have Faster Recovery from Acute Injuries, Surgery and Illness


Horses Recover More Quickly from Illness, Surgery and Lameness

Acute illness responds to healing energy and it can cause rapid improvement in the horse.

Laminitis Attack Ceases

An American Quarter Horse that I had previously worked with had an acute laminitis attack. He had been lying down all day, when his owner called me, and he had bounding pulses in all four feet. Fifteen minutes into the long-distance healing, the horse stood up and the pulses in all of his feet had returned to normal.

Wounds Heal Faster

Energy healing is effective on many levels. By restructuring the energetic template of an area of the body injury can heal more quickly. The wounds from surgery, such as castration, heal in half the usual time. With this type of surgery, the emotional trauma can create the deepest wound. Energy healing addresses the animal holistically and can clear, for instance; the emotional shock, anger and grief that the stallion or colt may experience, as well.

Lameness Improves

Even old injuries can heal. A Warmblood who had a leg injury when she was a foal became head-bobbing lame on that leg. She came to a nearly sound condition with one healing session.

Increased Fluidity of Movement

Some horses unfortunately have had debilitating injuries that do not have such miraculous responses to energy healing, but they do show improvement, none the less. These horses have a reduction in pain and an improved sense of well-being; horses that are quite lame will often stand more squarely afterwards and move off with more fluidity.


What Appear to be Permanent Conditions Improve

Energy healing permeates deeply allowing chronic tension that is has been held in the soft tissue of the body to release. As the defensive patterns of holding let go, the bones and their articulations are able to move towards their optimum relationships and the structural alignment of the horse improves. What had appeared to be conformational flaws, such as a horse not lifting through the chest or not standing underneath itself, diminish as the horse becomes more balanced. Since healing is a non invasive this process occurs without force; without creating additional inflammation or damage to the body tissues.

Confirmation Can Change

An old gelding had advanced arthritis in his hind limbs. As the result of compensation for this condition he developed increased curvature in his lumbar spine. I worked with this horse once a month over a period of time and as he released his long term patterns of holding in his body, the curvature dissipated until it became normal. The natural hoof trimmer, who had trimmed this horse for two years, saw him after a two year absence and exclaimed, “That horse looks ten years younger than he looked four years ago!”


Healing Addresses Behavioral and Training Issues

In addition to the physical body, healing addresses the mind and spirit of the horse. The attitude and disposition of horses always improve as a result. Sometimes a problematic behavior becomes the main focus of a healing and after the session marked, positive changes occur.

Healing Life Threatening Fear

A client purchased a new pony that kicked out whenever the owner touched either of her hind legs. During the healing session it became apparent that the pony mare experienced real life threatening fear in response to having her hind legs handled that needed to be honored and released. Afterward the owner was able to pick up and pick out the mares hooves without any fear response.

Dissolving Resistance/Creating Partnership

A Thoroughbred mare lacked confidence and was resistant to much of her owner’s direction. During a healing session the mare literally walked away, refusing to participate. I followed her out of the barn and then spoke to her lovingly and explicitly; I encouraged her to take responsibility for her old pattern of mistrusting humans. I helped her to make a distinction between her present situation and past experience. As a result the mare chose to appreciate her caregiver and to put an effort into her half of the relationship. Everything shifted for the two of them and they began a positive partnership that continues to this day.


Healing Improves the Horse’s Overall Disposition

Energy healing clears and balances the energetic and physical bodies. This opening up of the energy and physical channels creates immediate improvement in the horse’s condition. This increase in the life flow of energy in the horse’s body strengthens their life force and allows for the body to continue healing itself over time.

The Increased Flow of Energy Help Eliminate Toxins

The increase in the flow of energy as a result of healing sometimes creates detoxification symptoms. Most notably, from my experience, this happens with Standardbred horses that have had a history on the track. This release of toxins is followed by an immediate improvement in the horse’s health and disposition; they become more relaxed and confident, and have improvement in their health overall.

Open Sores Disappear

I had a case where an off the track horse was put on an herbal mix to by his owner to assist him with detoxification. The horse had had open sores all over all four legs for several weeks. When I saw the horse it was apparent to me that the sores were just one of the symptoms that the horse’s organs where sluggish and his elimination system was overloaded. Even though the herbs were stimulating his body to detoxify his level of vitality was too low for his organs and body to eliminate them efficiently and completely, as a result they were coming through his skin. The healing energy facilitated movement through his organs and increased the horse’s vital energy and health overall. The morning after the healing session all of the open wounds on his legs were gone.

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