Rescue Horse Education

Educational support for equine rescue volunteers

I donate my healing services to equine rescues and teach classes at these facilities as well. It’s deeply meaningful to give healing support to rescue horses and to educate the dedicated individuals who care for them. Many volunteers who give their valuable time long to help these horses in every way possible and handle them safely. Compassionate Care for the Rescue Horse has been created to answer these needs.


Compassionate Care for the Rescue Horse


Class is Full

May 11, 2019
1-5 pm
Helping Hearts Equine Rescue
Perrinveille, NJ
Review basic equine anatomy.
Learn how to be present with and listen to horses.
Gain personal safety from grounded awareness.
Understand equine body language.
Establish trust; greeting and approaching the horse.
Lead with leadership.
Interpret the signals in the stall and on cross ties.
Recognize when a horse is acting differently; and
know how to proceed with them.
Transform grooming into a healing relationship.


Helping Rescue Horses

Horses that end up in the safe haven of a rescue facility are the fortunate ones. Some have been retired to a secure place by their owner, but most have suffered starvation or abuse. Many provided hard labor their entire life, only to end up in a kill pen. They each have a history that has brought pain, health issues and suffering. These horses are tremendously grateful for energy healing. In Healing with Horses you’ll bring relief to horses like these and develop a deep, heartfelt bond with them.


“Working with the horses in this workshop was a profound
and moving experience.
Witnessing the horse’s participation
and growing acknowledgement of what was happening
and how good it made them feel,
opened my heart.
The horses are so gentle and loving
and appreciative.”

Karen H., Equine Rescue Volunteer,
Healing with Horses participant


Healing with Horses

Two-day class
Learn how to develop a deep, trust-based connection with a horse, quickly.
Identify areas of pain and discomfort through observation and touch.
Understand how horses communicate, physically, to express their needs.
Practice effective treatment for: injuries, illness, emotional and mental stress.
Witness positive results from the healings.
Enjoy relaxed, happier and more comfortable horses.
Full class description. (Link to HwH page)


Classes can be for your equine rescue facility or open to the public.
To host a workshop or for questions, please email or text me at 609-276-9766.