Ginger Krantz and her German Warmblood, Herz.

Ginger and Herz.

Hi, I am Ginger. I have a holistic healing practice for horses and small animals. It is founded on an accumulation of twenty years of training, thirty years of experience and fifteen years teaching healing. My commitment has grounded my faith in the body’s natural ability to heal and my knowledge how to expeditiously teach healing skills to others.

My training includes a four-year certification program in Brennan Healing Science at the Barbara Brennan School of Healing. After graduation I was invited to join the faculty, taught healing skills to the students, and became a teacher and mentor to the teaching staff. It was here, at the beginning of my conscious healing journey, that I fulfilled my lifelong dream of having a horse. It was my love for Herz and my increasing awareness of his structural imbalances and lameness that inspired me to apply the skills I had learned in school to animals.

My love for the animals, the earth, being outdoors and observing nature led me to Tom Brown Jr. and his Tracker School in New Jersey. Here I studied awareness and the earth-based tradition of shamanic healing. These skills served to ground and connect me more deeply to the earth, a primary source of healing. This education gave me a visceral understanding of the skills required for survival and a deeper appreciation for the interconnectedness of all life. I came to understand the horse as a master survivalist and our domesticated partner in need of healing.

My calling is to facilitate a deep connection between people, animals and the earth. To teach; to open a doorway to spirit. Validating interspecies communication and healing in the moment. Building awareness of this truth within your heart; and guiding your development and practice as a healer.


University of Illinois; Champaign/Urbana
BFA, College of Art and Design

The Barbara Brennan School of Healing; Boca Raton, Florida
Certification in Brennan Healing Science®
Former Faculty member: Class Teacher and Teaching Team Mentor

Tom Brown Jr.’s Tracker School; Manahawkin, New Jersey
Extensive study in awareness and the Earth-based tradition of shamanic healing

Trained in classical horsemanship for the disciplines of: dressage, jumping, cross country and riding to hounds. Additional studies include Linda Tellington-Jones Tellington TTouch Method and TTEAM Training; and Centered Riding.

Equine studies: Hoof Anatomy and Dissection; Natural Hoof Trimming; and Equine Dissection with Ivana Ruddock, DVM and Jillian Kreinbring.