"Energy Healing generates powerful and miraculous results."

It facilitates deep and lasting changes: physically, mentally and emotionally.

Tyler’s Transformation

Video from Russ DeSantis on Vimeo.

Energy healing facilitates amazing, positive changes in the body, mind and spirit of all animals. Hear Christine speak to how it helped her horse, Tyler, gain relief from the chronic pain and anxiety that were the result of a fractured sesamoid bone and arthritic hocks.


Healing with Horses

Please enjoy this video interview with Ginger Krantz as she shares her love and enthusiasm for healing and horses.

(Video by Russ DeSantis Photography.

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Podcast of Radio Interview

Ginger Krantz Horse Whisperer and Healer.

Ginger Krantz:
Horse Whisperer and Healer

Join Ginger as she takes you into the world of horses and healing:

Hear about her journey- how she became an equine healer,

Listen as she shares heart-warming stories about healing horses,

And learn how she actually does the healing work on them.