Healing with Horses

“Thank you so much for allowing me to be part of this wonderful workshop.
The work you do and what you share with others is truly magical.
You are an inspiration! Thank you!” Tina E.


Healing with Horses

October 2-3, 2017: Moorestown, New Jersey   Register  

In just two days, you will learn hands-on healing skills, apply them to horses and witness the amazing transformations that result!

Healing with Horses is a prerequisite for all other equine healing classes; it lays the foundation of:

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  • How horses communicate and will engage in a healing dialogue with you.
  • Methods of energy transference and hands-on healing.
  • Valuable mediations to increase your awareness and connection to the earth.
  • A deeper understanding of the concepts of balance and self-carriage, how these skills bring you closer and into a healing relationship with the horse.
  • Faith in energy healing, as you witness powerful results from your work with the horses.

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This material is not repeated in the other classes and is invaluable in deepening your relationship to horses as well as your growth as a healer. Class size is limited to provide for individualized attention.

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“Thank you for this life changing workshop.” Debra F.


“I came with an open mind but needed reassurance that energy healing was more than just my imagination and desire. This class was just what I needed and has given me such awareness beyond belief. Thank you so much.” Linda C.


“Ginger is a talented and thorough teacher who is clearly educated in the art of healing. She is perfect balance of observation and intuition while taking all animals, human and horse, on a healing journey.” Mary Ann B.


“Ginger’s work and teaching style are incredible. She has very powerful energy of healing, yet it comes off so gently. Not only have I personally been a witness to her healing work, but also I’ve learned so much from her in such a short time. Thank you Ginger!” Stephanie H.


“I never felt so comfortable in a group and felt like I could speak up about anything, which is usually hard for me. I can’t believe how much I learned in two days. Life changing! Thanks so much!” Debbie G.


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“The class was a joyful time of growth. The opportunity to learn and share experiences with others was invigorating and centering. The depth of your knowledge is an amazing and I feel privileged to be learning from you.” Susan M.


“I loved the focus on the ongoing dialogue with the horse and beginning to learn the subtle ways they communicate. There is so much depth and it is really clear that Ginger has way more to share than can be covered at a beginner level.”
Gail S.


“I’ve done two workshops with Ginger Krantz and have seen amazing changes in the horses we’ve worked on, and have used my new knowledge on a number of horses and people with amazing results. I highly recommend this workshop for all horse owners and professionals.” Jody J.