The Seven Stages of Healing the Horse

Each horse is an individual. Like us, when mature, they’ve typically had several jobs, living situations and countless relationships with humans. Their state of health is influenced by their constitution and reflects how their personal character has adapted to their unique experience of life. Hence, the healing process is different for every horse. Yet, there are parallels within the unfoldment of the healing journey that all horses share. In this class series, you’ll learn how to identify these common progressions; you’ll assist horses as they move through their seven layers of defense and help them reconnect to the higher purpose of their seven major chakras, or energy centers.

During this series of classes, you’ll work with horses who have not yet experienced healing. We’ll meet for seven, one-day sessions over a six-month period. You’ll learn new material and give a healing session to the horses each class. We’ll begin with addressing the horse’s structural issues, grounding the animal, addressing issues of fear, dissociation and lethargy. We’ll continue the sessions, to lead the horses in spirit, through life traumas they may have experienced and bring them back, more fully into the present. Inevitably, during the seventh healing there is a bringing forth of the light, of the core qualities of the animal. This is the essential stage: it releases the powerful, peaceful vitality that was repressed, sleeping or forgotten within the horse.

This is a unique and valuable opportunity to further your skills as a healer and understand how to communicate with the horse: physically, mentally and spiritually. Due to the intensity, commitment and focus of this class size will be limited.  

Prerequisite: Healing with Horses Introductory Workshop