Compassionate Care for the Equine Rescue

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The focus in this class at Helping Hearts Equine Rescue was connecting with horses and understanding their body language, while working with horses rescue volunteers had found challenging. The basic principles of healing were taught and applied: the importance of being grounded, slowing down and listening to the horses.

Comp Care Thor and Julie adjusted 1100pParticipants were amazed at how much better the horses behaved as a result of the shift in their energy. In the photo you can see Thor, a sweet 16 hh Tennessee Walking Horse who had been anxious since his recent return to Helping Hearts Equine Rescue. As he was being led, Thor became nervous and high headed; fearful of three chickens resting on a piece farm equipment to his right. When his handler grounded herself and reestablished their connection, Thor relaxed and dropped his head to let go. He then lifted his head and turned, placing it upon her heart; and act of appreciation for her leadership.

Bailey, a sweet 12 yr. old paint gelding without much handling, could be quite difficult to catch in his large field. He would become nervous and walk away as someone approached; it could take 30 minutes to catch him. During this class, he stood quietly as two people walked up and haltered him effortlessly. He previously also had feared the hose and danced around when the volunteers attempted to clean his legs. This time, he stood quietly while the volunteers hosed his legs, read his body language and responded to his concerns; reestablishing connection and offering him reassurance.

Comp Care Grounding Terri adjusted crop 1000pThe class was amazed at the simplicity of it. How rounding, connecting with the horse and embodying the role of the gentle, compassionate leader minimized the issues they were expecting from each one. How the horses relaxed and walked with them step for step, even at a quite slow pace when asked, looking to accommodate the needs of their handler.