Healing with Horses 4-Day Description

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Day 1: Connection

Day one, we create a solid foundation to support the connection with horses you long for. We begin with meditation, to connect you to the earth and to yourself. We practice exercises that validate the existence of energy and learn healing skills. By the afternoon of the first day, and all four days, you’ll apply the healing skills to horses and be amazed by the results. You’ll realize; yes, you can do this!

Day 2: Herd Consciousness

Horses are master survivalists. They are keenly aware of their environment. Day two we strengthen our connection to the earth and spirit, to become closer to the horse. We experience the realm of herd consciousness and embody the true leadership horses seek. You’ll learn how horses communication their needs to the healer; and experience it first-hand. Ginger offers one-on-one support during the afternoon healings each day. If you choose the 2-day class, you’ll go home confident in your ability to help horses heal.

Day 3: Spiritual Awareness

Day three begins with a case study presentation of an equine healing. We review anatomy, learn how to observe physical conformation and condition of a horse, and how healing transforms the equine body and mind. We travel into the spiritual dimension of equine communication, perceiving the emotional needs of the horse. Ginger brings awareness to equine communication as it occurs in the moment each day of class, but day three she demonstrates the subtleties and power of this connection during a full healing; how communication becomes a continual dialogue between the healer and the horse. In addition to the individual feedback participants receive, this demo provides an in-depth understanding of the process of healing the horse.

Day 4: Listening to your Heart and to the Horse

As our healing work deepens, it raises the healer’s awareness to road blocks to believing in them self. This is a is natural part of the healing process and offers opportunity for growth. We discuss the challenges that arise for the healer, and how to regain your connection with the horse when lost. We practice methods to engage our heart; to increase our capacity to intimately feel and know the spirit of the horse. Day four, students receive a written healing format to document what transpires during their afternoon healings. After class, graduates are eligible for mentoring sessions with Ginger; and this format provides structure for their continued support.