Opening the Door to Awareness and Healing

Posted by on June 18, 2012 in Awareness, Healing, Health, The Earth | 2 comments

This morning a Mockingbird landed on the wire outside my door and began its call. Mockingbirds are considered mimics; they repeat the calls of other birds as a means of defining their territory. This bird cried out a loud, series of calls and I began to listen. The calls were unclear to me and I wondered who he was mimicking; so I opened my door wide, stepped into the doorway and gave myself fully over to listening.

The calls I heard from this single bird included the: House Sparrow, Robin, Purple Martin, Blue Jay, Carolina Wren, Common Tern, Cardinal, Cowbird, Grackle, Starling, Herring Gull and Red-Winged Blackbird. There has been a Mockingbird outside my door every year for the seven years I have lived at the shore. This morning I wondered if this was a new, more prolific male or had I finally truly listened?

I am grateful when I choose to open the door to awareness and take the time to listening deeply and with  my heart. To make this simple choice is an act of love and healing.


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  1. Love the awareness. I have a mocking bird that resides at my work place. He has been there for years. It’s always nice when I hear him reciting his songs with such enthusiasm.

    • Yes, they are enthusiastic. I heard a Mockingbird at Mary Ann’s sing the song of a Killdeer.