The Healing Magic of Horses

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Mare coming to greet the photographer, me!

I love horses; everything about them so that I appreciate when I come to clarity about some particular aspect as to why. Today I had one of those insightful moments while walking down a paved road near where I live. I was taking break from the computer and eager to breathe in some fresh air billowing in from the southwest and to listen to the birds that are beginning to sing some spring phrasing. As I walked my heart began to hurt and pain began to flood my throat and mind. What is this I wondered? It was the opening of my winter heart to my love of the earth; to the increased light stimulating my hormones and to the gift of hope the emerging season offers.

As my heart let go I was filled with the thought of one of the herds I have been working with closely this winter. In my mind’s eye I saw the faces and the muzzles of individuals in the herd and their rich coats glistening in the intensifying sun. My heart became full as I felt “the welcoming of the herd.”

These words were spoken softly to my mind from the source of truth and they warmed me more than the strong  sun. My being returned to a sense of cohesion and I reconfirmed my gratitude for the horses and the lessons they so often teach me. At this moment I was reminded why horses are so compelling: the nature of the herd is to be inclusive and to extend a welcoming invitation. This openheartedness travels deeply in my body and offers healing to my heart.

I am grateful for the horses; their gifts of kindness and acceptance; and the oasis they offer to me on this Earth. I feel blessed to meet them and to be able give back to them in my own, humble way.

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