What is Healing?

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Healing facilitates a positive transformation that increases health and happiness. Healing is a natural process that occurs 24/7. Healing energy is available to all of us all the time; it is the essence of all creation. We witness it every day when we: resolve a challenging issue and move forward with our life, see a wound disappear over time and observe a child’s body grow and change.

Two workshop participants doing hands on healing on a miniature horse.

The true nature of creation is supportive and the healing process is a reflection of this. A healer is someone who serves to expedite this process in others. He or she has been taught and mentored about the principals of working with the creative source of energy with the intention to apply it to helping others to heal.

A healer is often someone who has faced challenging, life threatening illness in their own lives and has learned valuable truths from overcoming their adversity. They have gone on to develop a life grounded in self discipline and commitment to these truths that allows them to assist others to walk through their own doorways of transformation.

The very nature of the healing process necessitates within the healer the commitment to helping others along this path. For the gift of healing is a gift of love and it is not meant to be held or hoarded. The true nature of healing is pure love and love calls for the creation and flow of itself from one individual to another.

To to stop the flow of healing energy initiates blocks in the energy flow of the body. These blocks create mental and physical discomfort. If they are not dissolved, released or cleared they eventually manifest as physical pain. As the stagnant energy becomes ingrained in the tissues it manifests as physical symptoms in the body, including pain, illness and disease.

A healer, due to their own experience, is sensitive to the existence of disruptions in the natural flow of energy in the body and is able to feel their vibration. A healer learns how to modulate their own energy system; it becomes a tool for helping others. The healer learns how to generate specific vibrations for specific situations in order to alleviate blocks and to clear them out of the patient’s body.

When the blocks of energy clear, the body can then reestablishes the natural, healthful flow within it. This creates detoxification in the body and mind, an increased flow of vitality and vibrancy. Healing energy transforms the body; it creates a stronger immune system and a healthier body. Healing is holistic, it also allows for a happier, clearer mind.

The beauty of healing is that it is non-invasive. It leaves no trace….it only replaces illness with love: it is this light and the experience of it that remain.

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