Interspecies Understanding and Healing

HwH VA 4.28.13_0567 500wWhen we truly listen, every species will speak to our heart and we can bridge the illusionary gap between us. This class is a wonderful opportunity to develop an intimate understanding of three equids: the horse, mule, donkey; and a variety of other smaller domestic species: how they each differ and what we all share in common.

A healing relationship allows for the subtle differences in an animal that you have never comprehended before to be revealed. Even if we have read about that particular species, healing gives us knowledge born of hands-on experience, a deeper understanding. It’s like reading the book the animal itself wrote. Healing unveils the separation, it reveals the core qualities that we all share beyond the illusion of our differences.

In this class we’ll have fun as we explore different species and engage them in the healing process. It will be educational and enjoyable research; you’ll learn while you help the animals become stronger and healthier.

We will do hands-on healing work with the animals and you’ll also have the opportunity to practice in near-distance situations if you choose, with small animals who might be unsettled by direct touch.

Day one will be devoted to three varieties of the Equid family: the horse, donkey and mule; and the second day we will work with a variety of smaller, domesticated animals.

Prerequisite: Healing with Horses