The Horse and Shamanism

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The horse is an ancient symbol for the journey of the shaman to the realm of healing.

The earth is a major source of our healing. Shamans throughout the ages have intuitively known this; healers serve by becoming a hollow vessel for the healing energies of the Earth.

The horse has been, for many cultures, the symbol for the journey a healer takes to retrieve the lost soul of the patient. The horse is the vehicle that transports the healer’s consciousness into other dimensions of reality; a four-footed, well-grounded animal with a spirit that is free.

Life within our societal structures inevitably has constraints. It has domesticated us all and this has resulted in the loss of portions of our soul. Many people are drawn to horses for the truth they reflect to us as humans. Being with horses offers us the opportunity to engage in a metaphoric conversation with this living symbol of transformation and power. In doing so, we see ourselves differently, we heal our disconnection to ourselves and to the earth; we become more whole.


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