Equine Communication & Healing, 2017

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EqC&H 20170328_73Doc during LRHWH 2017 WEB EHH adress LRThe Equine Communication and Healing class followed the Healing with Horses introductory workshop. The days remained wet and muddy with spring showers; yet full of glorious bird song, and the joy of coming together for two more days of learning and helping horses.

Equine communication is an integral aspect of healing horses. In the introductory, the participants began to learn how horses communicate with the healer. In this class, the teachings became more specific; the horse’s language more clearly understood, as the healers journeyed more deeply into the process of healing.

“I loved practicing the meditation. That really solidified my experience of being grounded and how valuable/crucial that is to be able to calmly and effectively meet the horse where they’re at …. not to mention being able to face the world.” Kristan K.

Doc was one of the equines who received a healing during class. He was a show pony, before being donated to The Therapeutic Riding Program at Majoda Stables. He tests his rider’s skills and offers them quality results when they come through. He appreciated the healing, and communicated his needs clearly. After the healing, you can see his comfort has significantly increased. He’s relaxed overall, and its reflected in his eyes and mouth. Doc naturally stood squarely for the after photo. You can see how entire body has become integrated, structurally and in other bodily systems, including his digestive and nervous systems.

Doc, a Welsh and Quarter Horse pony cross, before his healing.

Doc, before his healing.

EqC&H 20170328_128Doc After RIGHT copyLRHWH 2017 WEB EHH adress LR

Doc, after his healing.

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