Healing Horses: the Inspiration, Love and Joy it Brings

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Participants of the Healing with Horses Workshop bringing love, joy and well being to this mare.

What led me to the horses is my love for the earth and all creatures upon it. What drives me to work with the horses is my longing for the truth of the inherent Oneness of all life to be realized by all humankind.

What inspires me is the unconditional love and gratitude the horses express for the healing work and the effective results that eliminate their sickness, and relieves their physical and mental distress. What fulfills my heart is to witness their traumas heal, to feel their nervous systems integrate and see their bodies respond with balanced movement; to observe horses become stronger and their symptoms of discomfort and aging reverse. What brings me gratification is sharing in the happiness healing brings to the owners of horses and observing the relationship between their horse and their caretaker deepen.

Healing with Horses.

What motivates me are the students who have acted on their longing to connect more deeply to horses; who have opened their hearts to a two-way honest conversation with horses. These individuals who are committed to developing within themselves the healing skills of: self-awareness, presence, and intimate feeling and clear intent to support the horses’ transformation and well-being.

What bring me joy are the individuals that value healing; that trust in the power of the invisible. Those people who care deeply for horses, who hear the call to question our traditional and accepted realities; the dedicated individuals who seek a new path and a doorway of healing for they and the horses to walk through.




  1. Awesome! Thank you!

    • You’re welcome. Thank you for sharing your horses for the Healing with Horses workshops!


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