Healing with Horses at Helping Hearts Equine Rescue

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Helping Hearts is the perfect name for this equine rescue. There was a lot of deep, heart-felt healing at the recent workshop held at the facility.

HwH HH 9-21-15 1661 FRED DISCUSSION crop 500x

Lisa Post, President of Helping Hearts Equine Rescue, debriefs the class about Fred, a 40 plus senior rescue.

HwH HH 9-21-15 1608 TEACHING crop 300x

Ginger describes issues apparent in the hind end of this Hanoverian gelding.

After exercises to help them experience energy, the students we’re grounded and prepared for beginning the healings with the horses.

Then we observed and evaluated each horse the participants would  work with.





Participating in equine healing was life-changing for the students. They were deeply moved by the immediate responses and physical releases from the horses. They expressed amazement about how the horses opened a dialogue with the healers about what they needed.

Afterwards we reevaluated each horse. Everyone observed improvement in the horse’s confirmation and in their gait. They had more fluidity in their movement and happier demeanors.

HwH HH 9-21-15 TARCO BEFORE 500x




To the left is an older Hanovarian gelding. In the before photo you can see some instability in his hind end and the tension he carries at the poll.



HwH HH 9-21-15 TARCO AFTER 500x


In this after photo you can see the horse is more balanced and it’s reflected in his stance. His energy is flowing more openly from back to front and he carries his head with ease. This was the first go at equine healing for the three participants who worked with him.

A rider shared her experience of riding an older Friesian gelding shortly after the entire class had worked on him. This horse has an unfortunate condition that has diminished his muscle mass and weakened his hind end. The rider said the horse was more willing to do what she asked, she could feel how it was easier for him. He had more power and impulsion behind and she was excited that he had given her the best sitting trot she had felt on him in four years!


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