Healing with Horses at Majoda

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Learning equine healing skills on Pearl, a Fell pony.

Learning equine healing skills on Pearl.

We had a wonderful workshop at Majoda Stables, even with intermittent rain showers and muddy conditions. As always, it was a lovely group of open-hearted people who attended, eager to learn about healing and help the horses.

All the equines at Majoda are hard-working. They participate in an after-school program for advanced riders and/or their therapeutic riding program. The stable is a PATH member and working towards full accreditation with PATH International. Majoda also cares for their retired horses and ponies, who they continue to love and enjoy.

The students worked with many horses, including Dylan: a 29 year-old QH gelding. Not much of his history is known, other than he spent time at a show barn and after that he was in a therapeutic riding program. There he was purchased by someone, who later donated him to Majoda.

more Dylan's expression before the healing.

more Dylan’s expression before the healing.

The entire class worked with Dylan. When we retrieved him from the field for his healing, he walked with his head hung low. Everyone noted that he had a sense of resignation about him. During the healing, he was a good communicator; while one person had her hands on his heart, he leaned into her, she said, “asking for more.” Dylan had many physical releases; and his kindness and expressed appreciation for the healing, touched everyone’s heart. Connecting deeply with this older horse brought tears to some eyes.

Afterwards, a woman shared, “I remember him very relaxed and energized after the healing.” Another person recalled, “What I remember most is how changed the look was on in his eyes. He had some spark – and he walked with a bit of a pep in his step after.”

Notice his softer look and how the congestion in his head is gone.

Notice his softer look and how the congestion in his head is gone.

The folks at Majoda say that the positive changes continue in Dylan and all the horses touched by the workshop. They hosted the Equine Communication and Healing class that followed this one, and hope to host another and take their understanding deeper.



Dylan before his healing.

Dylan before his healing.

Dylan after.

Dylan after: Can you see how open he has become in his chest and heart, how the flow of energy extends through his neck and extends and into his head. That all four feet are more grounded, he’s more comfortable in his hind and his back is stronger.



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