How Horses Beautifully Express Gratitude

Posted by on March 26, 2019 in Healing | 0 comments

People often ask me if horses express gratitude for healings and how. The answer is yes, they always express gratitude, and this story is a beautiful example of the loving hearts of horses.

Recently an owner asked me to help her with her mare. The mare had been a rescue case; she had experienced a difficult past that had created multiple issues that now caused her significant pain. The owner provided excellent veterinary and veterinary acupuncture care and was open to trying equine healing. Like many owners, she wanted to do anything she could to improve her mare’s comfort.

During the session, the mare’s field companion stood a few yards away, with her head over the Dutch barn door, watching. After the session the owner turned the mare back out in her field with her companion and we stood among them, while they grazed. We were observing the mare and joyfully noticing the positive changes in her. When it was time for me to go, the mare’s owner offered to walk me across the field and to the gate. I declined, saying I was fine making my way to my car.

After walking through the gate, turning around and linking the chain, I looked up to see both horses walking towards me. When they reached the gate, the lead mare put her head over the pipe rail and paused; gently touching my hand with her nose. Her companion, who followed behind, caressed my hand with her muzzle, as well. To some, even many, it could appear to be inconsequential; a small thing. To me, and I trust to their owner as she called to me across the field,

“They’ve never walked anyone to the gate before to say good-bye!” – both mares had deeply touched our hearts.