Rescued Draft Horse with Possible Wobbler’s Syndrome has Remarkable Recovery

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Belgian draft rescue horse at auction.

Mack at the Camelot auction.

Mack is a Belgian gelding purchased at the Camelot Auction in New Jersey by Helping Hearts Equine Rescue in November of 2010.

Upon adoption it was discovered that Mack was unstable, uncoordinated and weak behind, that he was not safe to ride. The vet had run several tests but there had been no diagnosis. The vet thought he possibly had Wobbler Syndrome (vertebral malformation or compression to the spinal cord that can lead to damage of the spinal cord).

When I met Lisa Post, the president of Helping Hearts, in March of 2011, she was concerned about Mack. After four months at the rescue he was loosing ground, his hind end condition was worsening. Mack had become depressed, sullen and did not interact with the other horses in his field. Lisa asked me if I could help him with his depression.

Initial Assessment of Mack
I observed Mack walking and noticed that it was difficult for him to bring either of his hind legs through underneath himself. Mack was unstable to the degree that he was, justifiably, terrified of falling. He was isolating himself in the field from other horses out of his need for self-preservation.

Session Results
A few weeks after Mack’s first healing, I contacted Lisa to inquire how he was doing. She said that Mack had a dramatic shift, that he was happier, brighter and less depressed. He was walking straighter and was now holding his own in his hind end.

After Mack’s second session, Lisa reported that Mack had gained weight and he was happy and enjoying himself. She was delighted that he had at last made friends with another draft horse in his pasture.

Following his third session Mack continued to gain weight and he became more stable and stronger behind. My fourth session with Mack was in October of 2011. The results were: a shinier coat, he began navigating up and down hills and through deep footing without hesitation and was now exploring his field and interacting with his pasture mates.

What is wonderful about Mack’s case is it offers is a clear example of how energy healing effects powerful change; how this holistic modality can offer hope for horses with medically challenging health conditions.

Rescued draft horse recovers from Wobbler's Syndrome.

Mack, with his pasture mates, September 2011.

Mack was able to be rehomed to the Central Virginia Horse Rescue in November of 2011, where he lives today.


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