Building Faith in Long-Distance Healing

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One of my favorite things about teaching is assisting my class participants building of their faith in healing. This happens when they experience the response each horse has to their healing, as well as observing the differences in all the horses before and after the healings. During the recent Your Healing Journey class the group was able to build their faith in the affectivity of long-distance healing.

One of the attendees, Susan, lives out of state and participated in the class via Skype. For one exercise, each participant took turns conducting a healing on a pinto mare named Patches. When it came to be Susan’s turn we stood around the mare, silently observing while she worked long-distance. The group held the sacred space that had been created from all the previous healings and we were aware of the seemingly subtle shifts that were occurring. During this time the mare’s heart opened and she physically shifted her stance to reflect this change. She squared up her front legs and we felt something lift and clear energetically. The mare then licked and chewed.

After the healing, I called Susan on my cell phone so she could share her experience with us. I encouraged her to say some information she had received to Patches directly and I held the phone up to Patches’ ear. As Susan spoke to her, Patches moved her ears to listen and responded by licking and chewing. It was clear to us all that Patches was making the connection between her distance healing and Susan’s voice and that the healing was continuing with Susan’s words.

I wanted to share this photo that captured that moment with you, so you may open your own heart to faith and healing.

A pinto mare licks and chews in response to a long distance healing at the Your Healing Journey class with Ginger Krantz.

Patches listening to Susan on my cell phone.

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